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New Horizons Entrepreneur Center is a Pro Advisor for QuickBooks.  That means we can become a strong partner in offering you support for your accounting software.  Quick Books is one of the leading software programs used by small businesses and is very user friendly for those who do not have an accounting background.  The QuickBooks software program can be purchased from us, as well as additional programs designed specifically for your type of business that incorporates the QuickBooks accounting software.

QuickBooks allows the business owner to perform their own accounting entries.  However, owners often have questions about the operation of QuickBooks.  We can answer those questions hat owners and help business owners create the most accurate financial records possible. 

The hardest part about QuickBooks is getting started.  Understanding what numbers to enter where and how to structure your Balance Sheet and Income Statement is very important!  Although QuickBooks will guide the user in the set up process, it does not tell you what numbers to use or how to obtain those numbers.  After your business' books have been set up, we will give you ongoing support until you understand the accounting process.

If you do not have the time or the ability to perform your accounting, we can do that work for you and allow you to have access to your books at any time at your business site.  See the accounting tab for more information.


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