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It has been proven that business owners who draw up a business plan have a greater chance of success than those that do not.  Although it is impossible to predict the future, the process of planning allows for the business owner to be prepared for unexpected events that may have a serious impact on the business.  With 15 years of experience and training from the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City and local SBDC, we can provide all of the tools to create a very sound and viable business plan.  Many businesses provide a very nice presentation about their business, but an in-depth business plan will provide a roadmap for the business owner to follow and to chart their progress.  This valuable tool allows the owner to make changes before his business declines or competition takes over, always being one step ahead.

Most businesses are started from a passion.  There is no one person that has the ability more than the owner to produce their business plan.  The direction comes from the owner’s passion and is developed by examining the different components of the business plan.  The comprehensive look at the ownership and their qualifications, the type of business ownership, the market plan, S.W.O.T. analysis, Exit Strategy, Break-even analysis and the financial reports are all produced, as we work with the owner to turn their passion into a business plan.

Many business owners are required to have a business plan as part of the process of seeking financing for a new business.  We can provide the tools to complete the business plan and gain the financing for a start-up business or the expansion of an existing business.

Services are provided to help develop a business plan or to help an existing business plan to be more comprehensive.  We do have the ability to write the business plan, but it will require the owner’s participation to work with us as we develop the plan.

Group and individual training sessions are available.

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